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Liverpool Catholic Ramblers

From the Archives
Thanks to Gerry Penlington for collecting many of these memories
LCRA was 40 years old in 1967
Additional photos from John Burns and others

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Top of Snowdon 61
Two photos in the Dolomites 1960s
Tryfan 1961
Tryfan 1961
Tryfan 1963
Jan 1962 at State
January 1963
Grafton Ballroom 1962 with some names
Grafton Ballroom 1964 with some names
State Ballroom February 1965 with some names
Off to Lourdes 1963
Wordsworth Cottage 1963
Lakeside House October 1963
Walking in Hartford - 1964
Walking near Chalet - 1965
A selection of Rivington Trip 1964 memories
Irish Centre 1965
Irish Centre or State 1966-67
40th anniversary preparations
Retreat at Cenacle Convent 1966
St Nicholas 1968
1969 AGM Group
February 1969
Church Stretton 1968
Church Stretton late 1960s
Church Stretton late 1960s
Church Stretton late 1960s
Church Stretton late 1960s
Ski Holiday 1966
Ski Holiday 1966
Four Ladies Feb 1966
1960s Fancy!
From Eileen Rogers Collection some are 1967
January 1969 coach trip to Rivington