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    Liverpool Catholic Ramblers
     formed 1927

    Now in our     90th year.

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Between 1936 and 1981, 321 newsletters were published.

The first off the press was one in late June 1936 - nearly 10 years after the LCRA started.

I am grateful to Bernard Manley, as it is largely due to him that I started these pages when he gave me 36 newsletters that he had kept. That was in 2010 and they were from Series 3. Since then a few have arrived from various sources.

In January, 2016, Peter McClindon handed me a further large batch of Series 4 newsletters, (approximately 90), for which I thank him. I would also like to thank the various editors and contributors over the years for creating such an interesting wealth of memories for us to look back on with such fondness.

I do hope you enjoy browsing these copies and if you can loan me any missing ones I will add them to collection.
The set from Bernard and now also the set from Peter have been deposited in Liverpool Records Office for posterity. In October 2016 I had another 200+ editions of which 52 are new.
These came via Chris Dobbin from Eric Kavanagh a former editor

In March 2017 Carla Platt let me have over 200 copies of the newsletters, mostly new to me, that had been carefully collated and preserved by her father Gerry Penlington who was our Treasurer for over 40 years.These issues are now appearing on pages dating from the 1930's.

From December 1938 to April 1997 all except two editions are now on line.
and more are being added as I get them.
As at 5 May 2017 there are 407 on line.

A further set of newsletters arrived from Virginia who is Dave Newns sister. With these we now have 61 more editions added from January 2018, total 470.
(Two more found in Liverpool Library Records Office 23 Jan 2018)
February 2018 more have been added from Will Harris, 8 newsletters and a number of newsheets. 493 plus the anniversary editions making 501 on line